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Essential Links for Translators

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ONTERM, Ontario's Terminology Database is a bilingual knowledge-based website where you can find Ontario government terminology and information, style guides, etc.

Merriam Webster Online

Merriam-Webster Visual Dictionary Online

The Language Portal of Canada is a Web site that showcases Canadian expertise in the area of language. It informs readers about Canadian resources that deal with different aspects of language. It offers:
  • free access to language tools online;
  • articles and writing tips, word games and exercises (the Well Written, Well Said section);
  • a collection of links to language-related works and sites (the Discover section);
  • Canadian writing tools and content produced by governments, universities, and others;
  • language-related articles signed by our contributors;
  • information in English and French, and in some Aboriginal languages;
and much more.

Glossaries, Style Guides, Links to Language Portal

Internationally acclaimed Canadian Federal Govt Quadrilingual Terminology & Linguistic Databank

Quebec's Office québécois de la langue français Terminology Bank

In FRENCH only inc./in SPANISH too! Translations is a small GIANT !
  • small and personal enough to ensure language continuity, short communications channels, fast feedback and short production cycles
  • large enough to meet your needs with a team of passionate, experienced, professional in-house translators and project managers